Continuing with its project of connections between visual art and music, RAM radioartemobile presents Suono e Forma (Sound and Form).
On February 8 2007, 6.00 pm, in the exhibition space bunKerart, located in Via Bellezza 8, Milan, RAM presents Il Terzo Paradiso (The Third Paradise), conceived by Michelangelo Pistoletto.
The work proposed in this exhibition was born from the artistic collaboration between Gianna Nannini and Michelangelo Pistoletto, she a leading figure in the world of music, he in the visual arts, which fuses two different disciplines and languages.
The installation consists of the Orchestra di Stracci by Michelangelo and the vocal “sculpture” of Gianna Nannini, Mama.
 The two works become entangled, mix, and embrace, developing a syntony and sharing of thought. The Orchestra di Stracci, that finds as antecedents the analogous works made by Pistoletto in the 1960s, outlines the new infinity sign, symbol of the Third Paradise.

“The new infinity sign crosses the line twice, thus drawing three circles. The central circle describes a pregnant belly, product of the coupling of the two circles that made up the old symbol. This belly represents the generation of the Third Paradise.” (Michelangelo Pistoletto)

The two external circles represent Nature and Artifice, two contrasting poles, which – united – inseminate the Third Paradise. This last is the expression of the endurable coexistence between the natural and artificial spheres. The central circle is the maternal belly of a new thought that leads humanity to survival.
The centre of the new infinity sign is the point ideally crossed from the umbilical cord that unites past, present and future generations.
Along the mirrored surfaces that surround the space runs the sonorous intervention of Gianna Nannini, who, using the voice as the only instrument, creates a vocal “sculpture”, a modality of spatiality of the sound/voice that determines, defines and shapes the space itself.
The vocal “sculpture’ of Gianna Nannini allows the user to experience a complete immersion in the voice in an emotional way.

Via Bellezza 8
20136 – Milano

Michelangelo Pistoletto specifically chose aluminium as the material to best represent the concept of Terzo Paradiso because it is both technological and eco-friendly since it is recyclable to infinity. This choice is part of the consolidated collaboration between the Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and the CiAI, Consorzio Nazionale per il Recupero e il Riciclo dell’Alluminio (National Association for the Reutilization and Recycling of Aluminium).
Nannini’s long solo, with a vocal tone charged with harmony, unites with the sonorous effect produced by fuming kettles, active in the Orchestra di Stracci. The vapour, when coming into contact with the overhanging glass, condenses into drops of rain that moisten the rags, to also produce an olfactory effect.
Il Terzo Paradiso, created in the spaces of bunKerart, is the fruit of an artistic collaboration that, through the aesthetic of connections, is the carrier of a message of responsibilty and change. The music of Gianna Nannini becomes a vehicle of communication to translate the concept expressed in the Terzo Paradiso of Pistoletto into myth.

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